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Red River Parks

Red River Parks

  If you are on Main Street and feel the need to ask a local about the location of the Red River Conference Center, chances are they will give directions by saying that it’s located between the Red River and Brandenburg Park. They may even say it’s on River Street. They are operating on the premise that if you drive down Main Street and don’t see the big building by the river, you surely can’t miss Brandenburg Park. It’s directly across the street from Krista Brandenburg’s Gold Nugget Gift Shop. It is, to use a colloquial expression heard most in vintage cowboy movies, “smack dab” in the heart of town. Brandenburg Park is named for the Brandenburg family that settled in Red River when the town was founded in 1895. The family still lives in town. There are four parks within the town limits of Red River and three of them are on the banks of the river. There is a Parks and Recreation Committee which serves as a...

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