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Red River Emergency Services

Red River Fire Dept.
Red River Marshal’s Office & Dispatch

Law enforcement, like everything else in Red River, has changed considerably over the years. From the wild and woolly mining days, to the 40s when prisoners were purportedly cuffed to a tree to sleep it off, to a mounted patrol of more than a dozen deputies to our present modern police force, Red River has evolved. Our current peace officers are friendly and helpful, but are also here to enforce the law, so if you have any questions about local ordinances – i.e. open container, feeding wild animals – please ask.

Animal Control

If you need information on any Animal Control Issues contact Snider Sloan, Animal Control Officer, or one of the Marshals at (575) 754-6166.  Please don’t feed the wildlife and keep your distance. Even Bambi can kick.  The dumpsters are equipped with latches, so please make sure they are closed. Don’t place food items on your porch or in your car for your own safety.

Fire Department

Red River has a long tradition of volunteer firefighters. They are well-trained and dedicated, giving freely of their time for ongoing training and to respond to fire emergencies.

The fire department is now housed in a handsome new building on East High Street. In addition to sheltering the fire vehicles and providing office space, it also has a multipurpose room for training and meetings, and even an elevator to take you upstairs to it.

Please remember in a fire or medical emergency to call 911 for immediate help.