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Great Day for Fishing

Big trout

In May of 2016, a retired steel worker from Albuquerque named Michael Yazzie was in Red River to spend a warm spring day doing something that he loved doing: fishing.

Michael was particularly fond of the river because the spring runoff was steady but not too swift, and the water was fairly clear, not turbid (muddy) as is often the case in May. The high country snow was melting, filling the banks of the streams and the Red River.

Michael tried different places on the river, covering several excellent locations, including the Red River Anglers Park on the west side of town, near the helicopter pad and the softball/soccer field.

To say he had a good day would be putting it mildly. He won’t say where on the river he hooked the 11½ pound, 28-inch rainbow whale. Anglers guard a great fishing hole with a code of silence. He was also smiling and laughing so hard that he had trouble talking, being out of breath.
He was able to communicate that it took more time than average to land the fish and that he was amazed he caught it on a lightweight line.

He eventually headed for the hardware store where the creature was weighed and measured and a picture of Michael and his prize catch was taken for the record. It was also placed on the bulletin board beside the front door for anglers to view with amazement, and possibly some envy, during the long summer and fall of fishing.