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Lobos Home Meet Returns

Lobos ski team
After a hiatus in 2017, the University of New Mexico ski  team will return home to Red River in 2018 for the Lobos New Mexico Invitational set for the weekend of February 3-4. As has been the custom in the past, the Alpine (downhill) competition will be held at the Red  River  Ski &   Summer Area, while the Nordic (cross country) races will be contested at the Enchanted Forest Cross Country Ski & Snowshoe Area.
Under the guidance of Head Coach Fredrik Landstedt and Alpine Coach Joe Downing, skiers representing seven countries will compete during the season.

The NM Invitational provides an up-close look at some of the finest athletes in the world competing at the peak of their skills. The fact that 2018 is a Winter Olympic year adds to the aura of all competition skiing events.

In April of 2017, the University of New Mexico announced that the men’s and women’s ski programs would no longer be supported due to budget cuts.

Following an outpouring of support from the community, nationwide as well as local, an interesting TV investigation of some Athletic Department finance irregularities and, more importantly, much needed financial contributions, the Lobos ski team was reinstated for the 2017-2018 season. Despite a reduced Athletic Department budget for the team, donations from ski team supporters will help supplement the competition year.

It should be mentioned that the budget for the Lobos ski program which won the NCAA National Championship Division I in 2004 has always been tight. This year it is even tighter.

“We are funding everything from donations and sponsors,” says Coach Landstedt. “Equipment, office supplies, the travel Van, gasoline, the assistant coaches stipends, event fees – everything!

“This year the school is providing the salaries and benefits for myself and Joe Downing. They are also funding the scholarships. Right now we are giving about half of the scholarships that we are allowed to give.”

To help by donating to the program, go to and check out “Donation.”

“Donations go directly to the Main Corporate Ski Cup Lobos Black Diamond Club for the UNM Foundation,” says Landstedt.

All sponsorship levels will be able to hang banners at all competitions sites and will be recognized on the web sites and in all printed materials for this event.

According to Alpine Coach Joe Downing, the Alpine squad will be in Red River for the annual Race & Skills Camp set for December 1-3 at the Red River Ski & Summer Area. Members of the Lobos Alpine team will be on hand to provide helpful tips and guidance for younger skiers.
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