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River Restoration Completed

River restoration

The New Mexico River Stewardship Program provides funding to restoration projects that enhance the health of rivers by addressing the root causes of poor water quality and stream habitat. Through such projects, the River Stewardship Program aims to restore (or maintain) hydrology of streams and rivers to reduce flooding downstream, while simultaneously enhancing economic benefits of healthy river systems for local communities. In Red River, there are three such projects.

Phase One began in 2006. “Young’s Ranch Reach” runs through the east edge of town and was a priority due to heavy damage from flooding in the spring of 2005.

Phase Two, “Red River Westside Fishing Park,” also known as Anglers Park, runs through the west edge of Town and was completed on a very fast timeline.

The third and final phase of the Red River Restoration, “Town Reach Restoration Project,” was completed in October 2016. Running through downtown by the Conference Center and the River Walk, it was funded by the State of New Mexico Environment Department’s River Stewardship Program Grant.

A combination of bank stabilization treatments, riparian transplants, and in-stream aquatic habitat structures were installed in a major effort to improve the natural habitat within the project area. Will it prove to be a breeding area as it once was?

Check it out and see. Buena suerte.