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Rustic Mountain Gifts

Rustic Mountain Gifts
Debbie Folger’s original plans for her Rustic Mountain Gifts shop in Red River was to be open by Memorial Day during the annual Motorcycle Rally. As is often the case, however, turning an old cabin into an attractive retail store can take more time than anticipated. The door finally opened on June 16.

Located beside Bitter Creek at 421 E. Main in the cabin behind the Hideaway Shoppe and the Dairy Bar, (look for the windmill), Rustic Mountain Gifts is a welcome addition to the East Main business district.

“We have an eclectic, rustic home decor menagerie: everything from glass paintings, stained glass, watercolors to fine art, woodcarvings and floral arrangements. There’s even beef jerky from a gentleman in Eagle Nest. I try to use a lot of local and area artists. Some are from here, some are from the Moreno Valley.”

She particularly enjoys featuring the watercolor work of her sister, Lisa Lobb, who helps her with the store.

“My theme, my whole idea is to have a really good feel in the shop, a good scent, a good fragrance. Just a happy place.”

She chose Red River because “It is the most majestic, most fun and happening place in Northern New Mexico!”