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The Dairy Bar

Dairy Bar
Elizabeth Rodrigs is the new owner of the popular Red River eatery, The Dairy Bar at 417 E. Main. She knew she was buying a Red River tradition when she assumed operation July 17, 2017. She attended the Culinary School of Fort Worth and graduated “with honors” in Culinary Arts. She moved to town in August 2016 from Bowie, TX. Interested in running her own restaurant, the Dairy Bar was the “best fit.”

“It’s a very successful business and it runs near my heart: coming up here as a kid and going to the Dairy Bar… fond memories of it! I first came here as a child on vacation,” she says, “mainly in the summers, but a couple of times in the winter. I started coming when I was two years old!”

A full-time resident for the past year, she was a ski instructor at the Red River Ski & Summer Area and  worked at The Tip Restaurant for the Snow Coach Dinners.

Elizabeth has some long-term plans, but for now she plans on only making a few small changes because “The Dairy Bar is the Dairy Bar and it’s going to stay that way.

“At some point, though, we’re looking at going into a fresher product with fresh-cut fries, fresh all-natural burger patties from a New Mexico farm. We’re also looking to support some of the local farmers in the area.”