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The Damn Band

Fronted by K. Bolan and Mina Tank, The Damn Band performs around the area, at the Bull o’ the Woods and special events here in Red River, including the upcoming Hoodstock, a neighborhood celebration that has turned into a multi-day multi-venue event.

K. Bolan was part of the music scenes in Los Angeles and Austin before he came to Red River with his road band in the late 1980s.

Since moving to Red River and settling into the small town life, his talents as a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer have kept him busy performing as well as recording in his Retreat Studios in Red River. His latest involvement with The Damn Band has found him with yet another niche in the entertainment scene of the Great Southwest.

As a child in Hawaii, Mina Tank sang and danced in her family’s band. Since then, she has shared her music overseas and on national television, most recently on the Ellen Degeneres Show. Her powerful and versatile vocals anchor The Damn Band and make her a must-see.