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The Hideaway Shoppe

Haley Lynn

There is an old adage that says “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” There are always new businesses and activities in Red River to replace the ones that disappear, but somehow the roots of the community, the souls of the people who live here or just come to visit, remain familiar.

“Everyone desires that mountain magic and escape yearly. The Hideaway Shoppe wants to share just that magic that we continuously experience here and we were gifted the minute we were welcomed into the Hideaway. We can’t wait to welcome you, too!”

The name of the Shoppe comes from the Hideaway Cabin at Tall Pine Resort, where Haley Lynn’s family always stayed when visiting Red River.

That explains the basic philosophy that has brought Haley to live and work in Red River and the mountains. The Hideaway Shoppe is located at 421 E. Main St – next to the Dairy Bar on Highway 38.

“I guess we are introducing new artists that really have a grasp on mountain life, that’s my main thing,” Haley says. The Shoppe doors opened December 23, 2016. “You know – what it’s like to live here and things you would find here. It’s magic!”

One of the interesting brands she carries is Mad Yeti, and Haley is the exclusive retailer in the US for the Canadian-based company of Landon West.