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We’re A Big Mountain Hug

Emerald chairlift
If you are looking for a corporate ski experience, you will be much happier looking elsewhere. Red River Ski & Summer Area is not the property of a large company who has invested in the entertainment industry.

Red River is a family-owned operation and chooses to provide a warm and positive Alpine skiing experience.

The Red River Ski Area opened the doors for the first time in the winter of 1959-60. Built by Stokes and Billie Bolton, the RRSA gave a major facelift to the ongoing Red River story.

From the very beginning it has had the reputation for being a great place to learn to ski and a place that welcomes visitors to enjoy  the fun, excitement and challenge of downhill skiing and mountain living.

The RRSA has seen a lot of changes in its 57 years – as has the town of Red River – which benefited from the expansion from a one-season summer vacation destination to a winter paradise as well.

In the 1920s and 30s, Red River was a place to go to escape the summer heat and to enjoy the beauty of the quiet, narrow valley. The pace of life was laid-back long before the term became fashionable. Plus, the fishing was great. It was, however, a summer-only place with three months of season.

Now, well into the 21st Century, the autumn has taken on a life of its own as the beauty of the aspen leaves delights travelers past the Oktoberfest held annually on Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples’ Day and well into the month of October.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the desire of the Red River Ski & Summer area to provide a quality experience for visitors of all ages. From the renovation and introduction of modern computerized advances in securing equipment rental, lift passes, procurement of lessons (for all ages and all skill levels) and daycare for the very young, their goal is to please.

Out on the mountain, there are changes too. The recent addition of the Emerald Quad Chairlift to replace the Green Chairlift at Summit Camp has provided better access to the gentle slopes of Summit Camp and serves as a portal to the terrain by the Silver Chairlift.

The revitalization of the Willow Pond also adds to the RRSA’s ability to make snow on 85% of the ski hill!

Switching gears for summer, over the past 10 years, the Red River Ski & Summer Area has developed a growing array of attractions, offering a variety of activities with an emphasis on the outdoor adventure. The tubing experience, which has been a crowd favorite in winter, has been adapted to summer use on the Baby Blue Hill at the RRSA Chalet. The 2016 introduction of the  Hidden Treasure Aerial Park, the only rope course in the state of New Mexico, has added a unique challenge.