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USASA Events Set for RRSA

USASA Events Set for RRSA

  The USASA will be sanctioning three programs at the RRSA this winter season: Gold Rush Rail Jam on January 4, Snowboard Slalom and GS (Giant Slalom) for snowboards only on January 25-26, and the Red River Rampage Slopestyle on February 22, also known as Slopestyle #3 Southwest Showdown Skier/Boarder Cross. These contests are for amateur skiers who compete in different age categories and accumulate points which can qualify them for the 2014 USASA National Championships at Copper Mountain, Colorado. The USASA (United States of America Snowboard/Skier Association) is a grassroots organization founded in 1988 as the United States Amateur Snowboarding Association. Their goal was, and is, to promote safe, fair and fun events for boarders and skiers while fostering a competitive spirit. Riders compete in rail jam, slalom, giant slalom, slopestyle, boarder/skier cross and halfpipe events at the regional level. Skiers can be involved in the slopestyle, skiercross and halfpipe events. Non-competitive Rail Jams are held every Saturday night on The Face before Torchlight Parade, giving local riders...

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